Pothole Repair

Repair Your Potholes With Pavecon

At Pavecon, we have proudly repaired potholes for nearly 30 years. In that time, we have gained valuable experience in repair techniques and practices. It is our goal at Pavecon Mississippi to make Jackson and the surrounding areas as pothole free as possible. We know how important it is to have a smooth and safe parking lot surface. Our pothole repair crews will quickly, and expertly, fix your potholes. As a result, your asphalt parking lot will remain safe and inviting to your customers.

How is a Pothole Formed

A pothole is an underground cavity that occurs due to asphalt erosion. This erosion can occur at the surface or base layer.  Potholes vary in size, depth, and diameter. Water deterioration often is the main cause of pothole formations in roads and parking lots. Potholes may cause damage to vehicles or even injuries. So it is vital to promptly address all pavement damages.

Unaddressed potholes lead to further damages within the pavement.  Any unattended asphalt damage will grow over time. This will create more problem areas, exhibiting large cracks, alligator cracks, or a number of other problems. This means more costly and prolonged asphalt repairs.

Pavecon Mississippi has years of experience fixing and repairing potholes. We have honed our pothole patching practices and match them with exceptional professionalism and attention to detail.

Give Pavecon, your leading paving company in Mississippi, a call at (601) 371-9948. Our team will be restoring your pavement before you know it. We’re ready to revitalize your asphalt parking lot or road today.