Pavement Maintenance

Maintain Your Pavement with Pavecon

Pavecon is a full-service paving company in Mississippi that serves a variety of different clients. We offer pavement maintenance services to big-box retail centers, universities, medical centers, and more. Our team will deliver on any of your concrete needs. We are proud to provide the businesses and organizations of Mississippi with a wide array of services. If you need paving services, choose Pavecon Mississippi. We are the paving company in Jackson that you can count on.

Why a Pavement Maintenance Plan is Important

Developing a comprehensive pavement maintenance plan is critical to the long-term health and longevity of your parking lot. We recommend a variety of preventive maintenance techniques to keep your concrete in great shape.

Concrete Maintenance Strategies

Joint caulking, or expansion caulking, is an extremely useful type of pavement maintenance. Our Pavecon Mississippi crews utilize joint caulking in order to protect concrete from structural damage. The durable urethane caulk is applied to the concrete joint. The flexibility of the urethane allows for the pavement to contract and expand without cracking.

Power washing, protective coating, and concrete markings also help to maintain the health of your concrete. These keep your concrete surface clean, inviting, safe, and accessible.

Above all, we recommend employing a variety of maintenance strategies in order to best protect your concrete surface.

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