Concrete Repair

Repair Your Pavement with Pavecon

Repairing your concrete is crucial to prolonging its life. Your pavement surface is likely a very large investment and to protect its long-term health  concrete repairs are critical. Our Pavecon Jackson team provides across the board pavement repair services. These services are designed to address any, and all, concrete damages. If you are in need of concrete repair services, Pavecon is your reliable paving contractor in Jackson.

Types of Concrete Damage

  • Structural Cracks
  • Non-structural Cracks
  • Macro Defects
  • Micro Defects

A structural concrete crack is caused by improper design, overloading, or bad construction practices. These specific cracks jeopardize the overall concrete structure or surface. They often cause personal injury or vehicular damage. We aim to address structural cracks swiftly and effectively.

Non-structural concrete cracks occur from stress. They differ from structural cracks, as these do not directly pose harm or danger to persons or vehicles. These cracks are usually hard on the eyes and are uninviting.

Macro defects in the concrete are visible to the naked eye and are usually a consequence of deterioration over time due to chemicals penetrating the concrete surface. Similar to non-structural cracks, macro defects are generally unsightly.

The naked eye cannot see micro defects. These defects are usually very fine cracks in the concrete surface that can occur because of an incorrect water to cement ratio or the use of low-grade materials. It is important to regularly examine your concrete parking lot surface.

As a result, Pavecon Jackson delivers all forms of concrete repair.

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