Asphalt Patching

Patch Your Asphalt With Pavecon

Pavement patching is one of the most important asphalt repair techniques. We know that no two potholes are the same. Therefore we offer a wide array of patching services.

The different types of patching include:

  • Pothole
  • Surface
  • Overlay
  • Digout (Removal)
  • Excavation

A pothole patch is the most utilized form of patching. During the process, we remove the broken asphalt then apply the liquid asphalt tack (the asphalt tack provides adhesion for the new asphalt material). Finally, we fill the pothole with the new asphalt material.

A surface patch job addresses asphalt in decent condition. Surface work does not impact the base. The existing surface receives a new asphalt patch.

Overlay patch work helps to fill sunken pavement. An overlay patch levels the sunken region. This reduces liquid collecting on your blacktop.

Digout patching, also known as removal patching, addresses severely damaged asphalt. This asphalt repair is used when asphalt is broken completely and needs to be removed down to the base layer.

Similarly, excavation patching helps with contaminated asphalt. Asphalt is contaminated when liquids and sub-grade materials jeopardize the base material

Our asphalt patching services address your damaged pavement. If you need asphalt patching services in Jackson or any of the surrounding cities, make sure to contact us at (601) 371-9948 in order to learn about our asphalt repair services.