Asphalt Maintenance

Maintain Your Asphalt With Pavecon

Our Pavecon team knows asphalt. For years we have delivered first-class blacktop maintenance to the businesses of Jackson, Mississippi. We have worked for nearly three decades to perfect our pavement maintenance practices. Our crews understand the importance and value of your parking lot surface. We offer a number of maintenance services including  parking lot sweeping, sealcoating, and parking lot striping. Our complete pavement maintenance services will keep your parking lot surface in top shape year round.

Our team provides asphalt maintenance to Jackson, Mississippi and the surrounding areas.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Pavement sweeping is an easy way to protect your asphalt. We recommend consistent sweeping to all of our clients. This maintenance technique will keep your pavement surface clean and inviting. In addition, it helps extend the pavements lifespan.


Sealcoating your parking lot surface is an important pavement care strategy. Applying sealer to your blacktop surface adds an additional layer of protection. This added layer of protection reduces penetration of foreign objects.

Parking Lot Striping

Our Pavecon Mississippi striping crews are highly trained. We deliver thoroughly planned and executed striping projects. Proper pavement striping will help traffic and pedestrians safely utilize your parking lot surface. We plan around the traffic flow of your business, careful not to hinder day-day activity.

Complete asphalt care can significantly extend the health of your blacktop surface. It also reduces the number of costly asphalt repairs that you will incur. Contact us at (601) 371-9948 with your Mississippi paving needs.